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Hypnotherapy and peak performance

You may be wondering how my approach to hypnotherapy can help you improve your performance. I go into as much detail as I can below, but due to the vast range of possible reasons you might have for coming to see me, there is a limit to what I can address here. So please view this as a general introduction, and contact me for more specific information about how we can help you achieve your goals, whether in sports, business, or any other area of your life. We will need to tailor a programme to suit you individually.

How hypnotherapy can help you to increase your confidence—going backwards to go forwards

The first step is to address any negative thoughts or emotions which are holding you back. You might wonder why we start with the negative aspects of your situation when we are aiming to create positive change. The simple reason is that it is much more powerful and effective to work this way. We do this for the same reason you would weed a garden before planting new seeds, otherwise the weeds would destroy any chance of the new plants taking root and thriving.

At this stage any affirmations and simple suggestions are unlikely to work very well, since you’ve almost certainly had past experiences linked to failure or rejection, whether personal or professional. (To put it simply, there’s a part of you that wouldn’t believe those affirmations about how brilliant and happy you are and how well you’re doing, and that part of your mind would reject them, otherwise a recording would be all that you’d need.) You will lack the self-confidence and often self-esteem that you need to function at your best.

Sports, sales, performing arts

In sports the effects of past disappointments will probably be fairly obvious to you, because you are competing directly with another person or team, and as a result every point, goal or match serves as an instant reminder of the areas where you may have made a mistake or felt that you failed. In sales the scoreboard is equally brutal. The same thing applies in terms of job interviews and auditions in the performing arts such as dance, acting and singing. In other areas of business and other careers, the connections may be less obvious and public, but they still lie there beneath the surface.

Positive focus and achieving peak performance

Once the negative emotions, thoughts and previous events have been neutralised, we can focus on actually getting you where you want to go. In other words, firstly we remove the obstacles holding you back, then we get you moving in the right direction, and aim to give you the ideal habits, focus and mindset when you’re actually out there competing.

In some areas of competitive or professional sport and peak performance in general, it is vital to achieve an appropriate level of emotional arousal, in the sweet spot between anxiety or stress and apathy or boredom. Hypnotherapy can help you to achieve this.

Getting specific about how hypnotherapy can help you

The point is that you know much better than I do specifically what you are trying to achieve and how to achieve it, since I don’t know your story yet; I may be able to help you by enabling you to discover how to avoid getting in your own way, and by showing you how to make the best use of the resources you have. We can use hypnotherapy first of all to remove whatever might be holding you back, and then to put in positive suggestions to take you where you would like to go.

It is impossible for me to be more specific here, since the whole point is to create an individual programme for you to fulfil your ambitions, and your particular combination of problems and aims are going to be different from anyone else’s. There are so many potential issues, such as lack of motivation, frustration and anger, discouragement, fear and perfectionism which might be getting in your way. So I’d rather you wrote to me or called me, and then we can discuss what might work best for you, and just how to get there. I look forward to hearing from you.

To book a hypnotherapy session, or if you have any questions, please contact me, or phone:
077199 58726
(+44 77199 58726 if calling from outside the UK)

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